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Machine Ball

Playing Tips

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In order to become a Machine Ball Master, you will have to practice. Here I will give you playing tips to help you achieve your goal.

The tips are categorized into:

Some tips fall into one or more category. It will be placed into the one most appropriate, and a cross reference will be placed in the other category(s).

Basic Machine Control

The most important thing in the game, is to know how to control your Machine. When you first play Machine Ball, you'll be like, "This thing is very difficult to control!" Practice driving around, and eventually you will get the basic hang of things.

Kicking & Ball Control

Kicking is one of the most important things to master. It is the base of good Ball Control. Here are a few kicking tips:

Bounce Off Wall

This one is a classic move. If you are driving towards a wall and need to go travel in the other direction quickly, then drive right upto the wall, and kick. You will be pushed back fast. With some practice, you will be able to add a spin to it by steering left or right.

Bounce Off Wall

Flip the Opponent (In Turbo Tips Category)

Precision Ball Control

Most people when they look at a Machine, think that it's a bulky thing and that you cannot precisely control a ball with it. They are wrong. Let's take a close look at a machine:

Machine Close Up

A few things you should notice:

  • The rear wheels stick out a little to the sides. This little notch can be very useful for pushing the ball forward when it is at your side
  • The kicker bulges out a little to the sides. This can be useful for pulling the ball back when it is at your side.
  • The kicker is angled at the sides. This is one of the most important things to fully understand. Also, by using one of the two "corners" in the front of the kicker, you can get very precise ball control


When you kick, you are effectively moving your center of mass forward, opening up many posibilites. One way to take advantage of this is for balance. If get blown away, you can kick at exactly the right moment, to push your weight in the right direction so that you land upright. This is difficult but practice makes perfect.

Specialized Turning

If you need to make a sudden 90 degree turn, try kicking at the moment of the turn. This works because when you kick you move your center of mass forward, putting more waight on the front of the Machine. This is not good for full 180 degree turns because the change in momentum causes you to de-accelerate slower.

Specific Ball Tips

Each ball has different properties(size, mass, bouncyness, etc...), and therefore different play strategies should be used with each ball.

Official Ball

This ball is a classic, and should be used for official Machine Ball Tournaments.


Shield Tips

At first glance, it seems that the shield can only be used as defense against explosions and Emp blasts. But there is much more too it.

Grab a Shield When Your Opponent has Emp

This one is pretty obvious, but still very important. A skillful opponent will easily be able to get a goal, if you are frozen.

Eat Mines

Eat Mines

This tip isn't very obvious to most people. When you have a shield: you are INVINCIBLE. So take advantage of it! The best way is to blow up any mines that you don't like. Did your opponent lay a wall of mines in front of his goal? In one quick movement they are gone.

Turbo Tips

The first thing you should know about the Turbo is that it is very difficult to control your Machine. Once you master using the Turbo, you will be able to easily make goals.

Flip the Opponent

This is a mean trick but very effective. Flipping over your opponent leaves him immobile for 5 seconds, and then sends him back to his starting point. There are many different ways to flip the other Machine over. One way is charge at him with a turbo, and at just the right moment, kick. This will take some practice, but it's worth it.

Flip the Opponent

Around the Corner

Around the Corner

When going fast with a Turbo into the corner of the court, you will move along the wall and keep going. (For example, if you are at the top middle, and you move left fast with a turbo, when you hit the corner you will continue moving down against the left wall.). This is a very powerful move and can be used a lot, for instance, if your opponent is about to make goal, you can use this move and push the ball away. A pro will be able to add some nifty spins and twists to push the ball into the opponents goal.

Mine Tips

"Welcome Home"

This is cruel, but it works :P If you have a mine and don't know what to do with it, then lay it down at the spot of your opponents "home" position. If he flips over, then when he get put upright at home, he will fall on the mine and get blown away.

Speed Boost

If you need to accelerate fast and have a mine, then you can use this neat little trick: Lay a mine, drive forward a little - just enough to activate the mine, and then reverse into the mine. The blast will give you a boost forward. Obviously, make sure that you don't have a shield when doing this. This sometimes can backfire and send you flying out of control, so be careful. Also, remember that this is a tiny speed boost, and it really is only helpful if you are initially at rest.

Missle Tips

Emp Tips

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